Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is grounded in the idea that humans are created for movement.  Each of our teachers specializes in a different form of movement, but all forms of movement work together to create happy, healthy human beings.

We use the scientific disciplines of exercise physiology, kinesiology, and human anatomy and biomechanics to inform the creation of our course lesson plans. We have a strong focus on building technique and technical proficiency within our dancers.

In the midst of the science of dance, we are creating artists.  Our coursework is designed to give the budding dancer opportunities to express him or herself in a way that is creative and beautiful.

We believe that dance should build discipline, character and self-awareness and sufficiency.  At TAPA, our students are expected to be in charge of their equipment and their person.  We give them the tools to do so by clearly communicating our expectations and building opportunities to learn how to care for their equipment and their bodies into their classes.

And finally, we believe that dance education should be fun! We hope to foster a lifelong love of dance and the arts and build friendships that last along the way.