What is it about ballet?


little girl plays in the ballet

There is something captivating about classical ballet. Something otherworldly…

Perhaps it is the ethereal beauty of the dancers themselves…

Or the way a ballet dancer floats, flies and drifts through music like a meandering river…

Or the magic of telling a story with a person’s body.

Ballet is magic.  And it has captured my heart.

I was 40 years old the first time I put on ballet slippers and stepped into a class.  My daughter had been dancing for four years. Ballet was something I had always wanted to try, but never had the chance.  I was blessed when Rachel Staff made a place for me to experiment.  It turned out I wasn’t alone…other women…some even older than I (gasp!) joined us for our little lunch time adult lesson, and by the end of the semester there were eight of us in class.

Maybe you too?  Are you captivated by the idea of ballet?  I was…I will tell you- it is hard work, some of the hardest physical work I’ve done.  Even my days as an army chic don’t really compare.  But it is worth it.

I also have a confession…I don’t really excel at it.  Ballet certainly doesn’t come easy for me.  It is a struggle.  But I love the focus it requires to work towards mastery.

If any of this appeals or intrigues, I invite you to step onto the ballet floor with me.  Adult classes at TAPA are fun and low key….and definitely worth your time!

-Cari Kaufman, Principal

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